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Comfort and safety thanks to the simple fixing deceleration function and courtesy light on board.


Proteco Ace Swing Gate Arms

ADG Proteco ACE - Swing arms Safe and user-friendly with an effortless release for quick emergency opening. Silent and reliable thanks to the conic torque system and to the high quality componenets. Available both in reversible or irreversible model.

RX4331 Receiver Proteco Parts

ADG Proteco 1-channel radio receiver with self-learning function including antenna. Frequency 433.9Mhz. 9 codes memory. Power supply 12V/24V

Proteco parts

ADG Proteco RT36 Numeric Keypad

RT36 Proteco access device

Can be installed on the inside and out of the gate to open and close gate with a security code

Backlite display strong rust resistant polycarbonate case

From our list of Proteco Spare Parts

RT35 Numeric Keypad Proteco Parts

Anti-vandal digipad in stainless steel. Metal keypad with backlight. The EEPROM memory can store up to 60 different codes. Output relays rated at 5A and 1A. Power supply 12V/24V ac/dc.

Proteco Parts

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