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Q25 Control Panel Proteco Parts

A Proteco Control unit for sliding gates with 12V power supply. Simplified or professional automatic learning of working and deceleration times. Motor's power working time and obstacle detection sensibility can be adjusted through trimmers. Proteco Control Parts


Control unit for tubular motors. Including radio receiver frequency 433.92Mhz two minute timer and courtesy light output. Power supply 230V. Case dimensions 125x85x50mm.


Tri-phase control unit for sliding gates with automatic closing step-by-step operating pre-blinking and multi-user function. Photocells plug and control modul for blinker. Power supply 380V. Dimensions including the case 198x251x110mm.

Safety Edge

For maxiumum safety on all types of motorised doors. It is placed around the edges of doors and in all potentially dangerous locations. The slightest pressure exerted on the mobile part of the aluminium stops the door.

Centred Ground Stop

Strong ground stop for double wings. Advised in combination with the internal dropbold SUBY. The CGS has a removable recipient for easy and fast cleaning of the groundpot.

Reference : LOCCGS

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