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RC22 Proteco Safety Edge Part

RC22 anti crush sensor Proteco Part Mechanical anti-crush sensor safety edge with aluminium stand. 2.5mm rubber profile with wire and sensor. Total length 2m can be cut to size. Suitable for sliding gates and swinging gates to help ensure a safe installation

Proteco Park Plus Road Barrier Kit

Park Plus Gate Automatic Road Barrier

Shell in glavanized steel and painted aluminium panels. Adjustable balance springs system. Quick access to the emergency release with key and safety micro-switch.

Proteco Q60 Swing Gate Control Panel

Multifunctional control unit for swing gates with 1 or 2 leaves with built-in programming display and automatic troubleshooting.

Tags: Q60A Q60A/R Q60 Electrical Wire Diagram

Q25 Control Panel Proteco Parts

A Proteco Control unit for sliding gates with 12V power supply. Simplified or professional automatic learning of working and deceleration times. Motor's power working time and obstacle detection sensibility can be adjusted through trimmers. Proteco Control Parts


Control unit for tubular motors. Including radio receiver frequency 433.92Mhz two minute timer and courtesy light output. Power supply 230V. Case dimensions 125x85x50mm.

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