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RT18 Electric Lock Proteco Parts

Electric Lock used with Proteco electric lock modual see MEL

Adds extra security to swing gates The Proteco automation part that helps to stabalize gates from the effects of wind or forced entry

Electromechanical latching mechanism with solenoid release for swing gates.

Proteco Parts for your home automation project

Mel36 Electric lock modual Proteco gate automation

Electro-lock interface module for Q60 control units.

Proteco Mover Sliding Gate Motor Kit

Proteco Mover sliding gate automation is ideal for iron or timber gates where space is limited or driveway rises up

RT16 Proteco Electric Lock Horizontal Parts

Front cylinder electro-lock for swing gates. Reversible. Right or left side fixing adjustable from 50 to 70mm. Striker with adjustable height.

Use the Proteco Part MEL to install this lock

RT04 Magnetic Loop Detector ADG Proteco Parts

MAGNECTOR B double loop vehicle detector. Programming through dip switches. 2 output relays. Self-calibrating function in case of interferences. Power supply 24V

Proteco Part Magnetic Loop Detector 

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