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Slimstone Watertight Keypad

SlimStone contains LED lights illuminating the front allowing for easy access day and night to your gate. The keypad is weather resistance meaning it is rust and frost resistant. It is easy to install and mount a slimstone keypad to your deseired location. Finally its deseign allows for you to pair the Locinox SlimStone keypad and programe it to match with other automation products

Proteco Meko Sliding Gate Automation

Elegant and user-friendly sliding motor

Proteco Barry Road Barrier

ADG Proteco Barry Road barrier for residential and multi-user driveways adjustable boom from 3.6m up to 6.0 m.

The boom has the option of LED lighting.

Obsticle Detection


Proteco S-Park Road Barrier

ADG Proteco S-Park Intensive use 24V road barriers, for entrances up to 6 m. The perfect solution for residential, commercial and industrial car parks.

Tags: SPark S Park Road Barrier

Proteco Shark Replacement Motor Blank Original

Always use Genuine ADG Proteco Parts

Original Blank Shark Replacement Gate Motor

Old shaped motor

Tags: #Shark #Old Blank #Old Shark #Protecto

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