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Stainless Steel Wheels with External Support with One Ball Bearing

Stainless Steel Wheel with one bearing and V groove designed for heavy metal gates and to be screwed into place

Designed to aid in the opening of either manually operated or electronic gates


Stainless Steel Spring Door Closer

Spring door closer to be installed on wooden or metal openings

It allows the door to only be opened either inwards or outwards

You can adjust the door closers closing speed by adjusting the tension of the internal spring

To make the door close quicker you are able to use multiples of this product at the same time

Stainless Steel Round Bolt to be Screwed into Floor

Round vertical bolt with hidden fixing screws

Is to be used in order to lock door or gate openings 

Suitable to be used on both lefthanded and righthanded openings and to be screwed onto wood and metal surfaces

The system functions by operating vertically then rotating the bar or one side for security

Chain Link Bracket for Caracal Gate Closer

High quality engineered plastic bracket for installation of the caracal gate closer on round chain link fences

The brackets are installed between the gate closer and the post

A perfect ideal and easy installation is guarenteed

The brackets for the serval hinge are included


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