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Round Stainless Steel Bolt for Padlocks

Safety round horizonatal small bolt with staple and with exposed fixing screws to be screwed into fixed position

Designed to be used to lock non-heavy drawers cabinets and door openings

Suitable to be screwed onto wooden or metal surfaces

The closing stability of the bolt is assured by the hidden spring mechanism keeping the bolt in position

For added security you are able to apply a padlock to the bolt

Viseodoor-2A Video Security Camera System

Videodoor-2A is a 2-wire colour video door opener. It has been designed to be simple and sleek while remaining heavy-duty and longwearing. It is intended for residential or business enterances with an automatic door or gate opening.

Base Plate and Tig for Heavy Cantilever Gates 2180

Foundation tig beam for cantilever system metal-2180-6KIT

Adjustable Staple with Nylon Rollers for Sliding Gates

Regulating staple with Nylon Rollers for Sliding Gates that is suitable for cantilever system for ADG metal-2180-6KIT

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