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Stainless Steel Wheels with Internal Support with One Ball Bearing

Metal wheel with 1 ball bearing and round groove that is diameter 20mm and is suitable for heavy metal gates

This product allows the opening of manual or electronically controlled gates

It is best to match the shape of the groove with the shape of the track in order for it to be durable and to function to its best ability


Stainless Steel Rack for Sliding Gates

Rack designed for sliding gates with holes and 3 spacers

Suitable to be screwed into place

Automatic Stainless Steel Bolt for Two Leaf Gates

Automatic bolt designed for 2 leaf gates

Is suitable to be screwed onto openings and gates

The bolt stops the wing of the gate opposit to the opening

Stainless Steel Wheels with External Support with One Ball Bearing

Stainless Steel Wheel with one bearing and V groove designed for heavy metal gates and to be screwed into place

Designed to aid in the opening of either manually operated or electronic gates


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