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Mammoth Gate Closer

This heavy-duty gate closer and hinge-in-one is fit to close the heaviest gates. The hydraulically damped Mammoth in combination with the powerful self-closing Raptor hinge is the perfect solution to close gates up to 200 kg and 2000 mm wide. Both hinges are equipped with double bearings which guarantee an extremely smooth functioning. The Active Thermal System guarantees a constant closing speed, unaffected by weather conditions. The Raptor hinge is included.

Verticlose-2 Gate Closer

The Verticlose-2 Wall gate closer has been specifically designed for wall mounting where the gate closer itself is positioned 90 degrees in relation to the gate. The specially designed arm turns around the wall or post, ensuring a large opening angle. The aesthetic anodized aluminium gate closer with high-tech internal components ensures an exceptionally long life span.

Fortima Child Safe Magnetic Latch for Pools and Parks

ADG Fortima is a magnetic child-safe gate latch that ensures safety security and an easy entrance for single leaf gates

Fortima has a patented internal leverage design that allows for smooth opening and with its unmatched magnetic force it closes securely

It is covered with anodized aluminium and powder coated giving the system an attractive finish

Most gate materials are compatible with the Fortima 

The Fortima can be rekeyed to match any existing lock

Lion Gate Closer

180 self-closing hydraulic hinge with precise adjustments on speed and final snap. The aluminium powder coated housing and unique high-tech components allow the Tiger to function perfectly in any weather situation. We highly recommend the Tigerdrill for an even more efficient installation. The Puma hinge is included.

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